Tony and Jaime Julius Photography Phoenix Arizona Wedding: Blog en-us Julius Photography LLC 2015 All Rights Reserved (Tony and Jaime Julius Photography Phoenix Arizona Wedding) Mon, 08 Feb 2016 03:18:00 GMT Mon, 08 Feb 2016 03:18:00 GMT Tony and Jaime Julius Photography Phoenix Arizona Wedding: Blog 120 80 Scandi Woods Styled Shoot | Payson, Arizona Take a look at our styled winter snow shoot with a Scandinavian feel designed by Susan Jacobson of An Enchanted Occasion. This shoot features Pantone 2016 Colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity. Scandinavian design is a term to represent a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.


​Alyssa with Tenn Letters created a gorgeous hand lettered invitation suite and table place cards with a wash of watercolor. The tablescape included crisp white ceramic dishes, milk glass, rope and yarn details. The chairs were wrapped in pashminas. The Smorgasbord delightfully brought in the nordic delicacies. The knit gloves and fur stole kept our bride as warm as her groom's love.


The lovely desert table and coffee and cocoa bar was sure to keep the guests warm and toasty.

Thank you to our Partners:

Styling and Design:  Susan Jacobson with An Enchanted Occasion

Makeup: Amber Crain

Hair: Amber Crain

Models: Amber Crain and Brian Laandgraf

Paper Products: Alyssa Peelen with Tenn Letters



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Winter Wonder Styled Bridal Session | Sedona, Arizona A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing an after wedding Styled Bridal Session with Kevin and Taylor in Sedona just after it had snowed!  We were able to create some fantastic images of the two of them in their wedding attire without the need to stick to a wedding day timeline. Ask us how us Tony's Artistic Edits can be a great addition to your Wedding Collection!


A huge shout out to PJ’s Flowers for creating two uniquely gorgeous bouquets, Stevie Rosalie for Taylor’s bridal makeup look, Hair or Dye for Taylor’s bridal hairstyle, and Fancy Face Party for providing the fun balloons.

This is what Taylor had to say about their relationship and wedding:

People tell us all the time that it is the nerdiness between us that makes us "an awesome couple". We take that as a huge compliment.
We met internet dating and after the first in-person meeting, we both knew we were in trouble. Everything clicked and before we knew it, we lived together and had two dogs. Our love of comic books, Star Wars, Marvel, DC and all things nerdy drew us closer and closer until one fateful birthday, we dove in head first. We started cosplaying as a hobby to share, since we both have artistic backgrounds, and after our first LA convention, Comikaze, we found an unbreakable bond that we haven't been able to shake since. Kevin eventually proposed using a Star Wars pun, "You Lando-ed in My Heart" and the rest is history. We disappointed a lot of Instagram followers by keeping the nerd-dom out of the wedding but when Kevin pulled a light saber out of my dress, instead of the garter, everyone knew exactly whose wedding they were at! At the end of the day, we are best friends and do what best friends do; we also just so happen to be newlyweds and madly in love. I think that's what makes us an "awesome couple" and that's what makes every day together better than the last.


PJ’s Flowers

Makeup: Stevie Rosalie

Hair: Hair or Dye

Balloons: Fancy Face Party

Dress: Moonlight

Suit: Suit Supply

Bow Tie: Esquire

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Carolyn's Family | Papago Park I’ve known Carolyn almost my entire life!  We grew up on the same street where our parents still live :)  We share so many memories.  Too many sleepovers to count, making Rice Krispie Treats and eating them straight from the bowl.  She broke her arm when I was supposed to “catch her” playing cheerleaders in her front yard.  I enjoyed bike rides on her banana seat and we stayed out long after the streetlights came on. She plays center stage in most of my childhood memories. In Jr. High and High School we ran in different crowds and then completely lost touch when our college days came.

We reconnected one day when we were both visiting our childhood homes.  Our girls played together and Carolyn was expecting her third.  We enjoyed dinner together with our girls before their first Taylor Swift concert.  I wish we lived closer than we do, we might see each other more.  I was thrilled when she got in touch about photographing her family.

On Saturday it was raining but by the time session rolled around it had stopped.  However, it was cold.  Not just Arizona cold, but real cold!  I chuckled when they exited their vehicle wearing robes over their clothes.  “Robes are longer than jackets!” beamed Carolyn.  We zipped through their session as fast as we could donning jackets and robes in between takes.  The promise of “Zoolights and hot chocolate” enticed smiles and cooperation.  My favorite images are the snuggles and giggles. That’s when you can really see what a great mom Carolyn has become and her true beauty shines through.

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Rainey | Papago Park Rainey is a mother, a wife, a woman.  She is everything and more.  She is just as beautiful inside and as she is on the outside.  The truth is that sometimes she may not see it, she may not feel it.  She is everything to everyone but sometimes she forgets what it feels like to feel pretty.  To feel strong and beautiful.  

She deserves it.  Don’t you?

You are a nurturer, a mother, a wife, a woman.  You do so much for the ones you love the most.  Isn’t it time you did something for yourself?  Love yourself, nurture yourself, pamper yourself.

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Holiday Cheer Mini Sessions | Riparian Preserve Isn’t it great how doing something nice for someone else makes you feel really great too?!  This year I was looking for a way to “give back” and I decided to do some free mini photo sessions for any family who was in need of a new family photo. These sessions ended up being just was I needed.  In the end I got the greatest gift of all . . .a renewed feeling of what the Holidays are all about.

First up were Spencer and Micah.  Micah is a fellow photographer who owns Micah Carling Photography.  We met a few months ago at a #TuesdaysTogether event as part of the #RisingTideSociety.  The Rising Tide Society is an amazing movement of creative entreprenuers  who believe in #communityovercompetition.

Spencer and Micah were so easy to work with.  They’ve got that spark, the one that makes you take a second look.  Maybe it’s Micah’s #pinkhair or Spencer’s full beard, but it is something!  We had so much fun laughing through their mini session.  


Next, I was happy to reconnect with Chad and Shannon.  We were blessed to photograph their wedding in the fall of 2013.  Like most guys, Chad was not thrilled about our photoshoot interrupting his Sunday football.  However, he soon was reminded that a photoshoot was the easiest way to get his wife to snuggle up and it definitely upped his daily quotient of kisses.


Last but not least was a couple of our daughters friends and their super mom.  We don’t get to see them as often as we like but it was great to catch up :)  The oldest daughter is getting to be at that age where it’s just not cool to cuddle up with mom and little sis but I’m sure these photos will mean more to her over time.  The younger sister was happy to do her best dancing behind me to get her mom to laugh and then run in for a tickle and a hug.  Such a sweet family


I would love to see your family’s smiling faces in front of my camera soon!  Our Buy One Session, Get One Free to Gift offer is good through December 14th.

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Daniel and Lauren | Casual Outdoor Engagement Session | Gilbert Riparian Preserve When you shoot at the same location often some photographers would say that it stifles their creativity.  We love it because our goal is to never shoot a location in the same way.  We are always looking for ways to shoot it differently or more creatively than the time before.  We love shooting at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert because we can always find a new area that we haven’t shot in before.  The location is always changing because they rotate the water and the light is always different based on the time of the day and the time of the year.

It was the perfect location for Daniel and Lauren’s casual outdoor engagement session.  What goes together better than flannel and fall?  We’d say it’s Daniel and Lauren, with flannel and fall a close second! Their cozy casual session fit their personalities to a “T”.  They are definitely a Hot Toddy kind of couple, they are warm and real.  Their busy work schedules keep them finding interesting ways to spend time together.  You might just find them having a 5am donut date! They know that #loveisanadventure :)

We are looking forward to their Valentine’s Day wedding at Schnepf farms where they will be surrounded by family, friends, and the great outdoors.

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Michael and PT | Papago Park and Bowling Engagement Session Michael and PT lead such interesting lives that it just made sense highlight that during their Engagement Session last Sunday.  When we planned their Engagement Session we didn’t plan for the rain that moved into the Valley that day.  We kept in touch throughout the day and together we made the decision to “go for it” and hope that the rain would clear in time.  We were so lucky when the blue skies started creeping in from the south just in time for their session to start at Papago Park.  The location was the perfect place to catch a Southwest Airlines flight taking off, something that PT does on a regular basis :)  The rain puddles also enabled us to get a really cool shot of them too.

Then we headed over to Michael’s home away from home, Let it Roll Bowl.  Michael proposed to PT live on ESPN in a bowling alley after winning his 4th PBA title (check it out here).  We knew it would be the perfect location to showcase these two lovebirds

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The Corvino Family, Take 2 | Gilbert Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Vinny Vino’s family and his #legacyoflove, you can see that post here.


Now he’s back on the blog because he is 6 months old and the other half of his family wanted to treasure this time with him during a photo shoot too!  We met up at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert to capture some special memories for his awesome family.  This kid is too darn cute.  He’s got style for days. . .check out that fedora!  You can tell he is the light of their lives.

He also wants to show off his parents because they are just as awesome as this dapper dude in diapers.  They are celebrating another year together so we took some time to focus on their love for one another.  They love to be silly so we can’t get through another anniversary session without their trademark “squishy face” photo making an appearance.

We love that we get to photograph this family time and time again!

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Chris & Kerry | A Twinkling Wedding Celebration Their love shines brighter than the glow of twinkling lights.  Just look at the way they are looking at each other.  That is the look of love!  It may have taken them awhile to get to their wedding day (they were high school sweethearts) but they still have that same spark.  

Their wedding day was filled with shades of pink and gold, colors fit for a princess.  This was Kerry's day to feel like a princess who had found her prince.  They celebrated their union with family and friends from near and far.  Then they danced the night away!  This family can dance, and dance, and dance some more!  One of our favorite moments of the night happened when the final couple remained on the dance floor during the Anniversary Dance.  Everyone gathered around and celebrated the couple's 45 years of marriage! They finished the night of dancing with Frank Sinatra's rousing "New York" by tossing their fedora's in the air!  Their sparkler exit was the perfect ending to their twinkling celebration!

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The Corvino Family | Tempe Center for the Arts Jaime met Liz during a training session at work.  Little did they know that they actually had another thing in common, their love of photography.  A few months later they ran into each other at an industry event they were both attending and they connected again.  We have had the pleasure of photographing Liz and her husband Glenn for their anniversary for the past two years.  Last year at their annual session they told us they were expecting a baby boy!  We were overjoyed for them!  A couple of weeks ago we got to meet their son Vinny along with his grandparents and great-grandparents who travelled all the way from Brooklyn, NY to meet this little guy for the first time too!  How cool is that?!  We created photographs that will become treasured heirlooms.  They will be a part of this little boy’s history as he grows into a man and has a family of his own one day.  We had to sneak in a few photos of his great-grandparents who’ve been married for over 50 years!  What a legacy of love!  We are so excited to meet with Liz and Glenn to celebrate and photograph their growing family during their annual anniversary session. We’ll be sharing that session with you very soon :)    

Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0001 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0004 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0003 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0011 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0002 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0010 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0013 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0006 Fifty years of marriage strong, and just look at how they still light up when they look at each other! Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0007 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0012 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0008 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0014 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0015 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0009 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0016 Tempe-Center-for-the-Arts-Generational-Family-Portraits-by-Julius-Photography-0005

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Whispering Tree Ranch | David + Liz | Julius Photography David and Liz's Vintage Tea Party themed wedding at Whispering Tree Ranch in Laveen, Arizona is one of our favorite weddings ever!  Liz's vision of pastel florals by Fleurt Floral Art, gold chevron, lace and her grandmother's china at the most adorable venue with vintage charm will make your heart pitter patter.  David and Liz have an effervescent joy about them, they share an adventurous spirit and their love shines so bright it's hard not to feel happy around them!

The fantastic team of vendors who made their wedding day a dream!

DJ: Ramzy Saba
Florist: Fleurt Floral Art

Photography: Julius Photography
Venue: Whispering Tree Ranch


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Gavin and Alexis | A Blush and Gold Wedding at the Desert Botanical Garden You know when you a meet a couple and you can just feel the strength of their love?  It is a quiet strength, an unbreakable bond.  Gavin and Alexis have that kind of love.  The kind of love that you know will carry them through the tough times, and bring them unspeakable joy in the good times. They aren’t afraid to be silly with each other or to bare the deepest parts of their hearts with one another.  It was  a real treat for Tony to reconnect with Gavin whom he hadn’t seen since high school when they contacted us to shoot their wedding.  


They made their First Look a family affair because their day was also about embracing their new family of three.

Alexis wore a blush lace gown that fit her like a glove and metallic gold heels.  Her ladies wore teal dresses, each in their own style, and Gavin’s daughter Campbyll looked adorable in blush.  The bouquets included pink peonies, ivory roses and succulents that looked like they were plucked straight from the Desert Botanical Garden itself (but they weren’t!).  Their ceremony was officiated by one of their closest friends and it was a-maz-ing!  He did a really cool spoken word type of soliloquy during their sunset ceremony that just seemed to flow straight from his heart to his lips.  The words were as bright and warm as the rays of sunshine that surrounded the couple, their family and friends.


Venue: Desert Botanical Garden

Cake: Sue Jacobs Cakes

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13th Anniversary | Dear Tony Wow!  Thirteen Years and what an adventure it is has been!  Thirteen years ago tomorrow I became your wife.  We had just had our rehearsal dinner in the Carson Center at Camp Geronimo where we were to be married the following day.  We feasted on your favorite meal, Lasagne, lovingly prepared for our closest family and friends by your mother.  We dined on our families china, intertwined on the tables as our lives were to become.  The excitement of the weekend festivities was palpable.  Stories were told about funny instances while we were growing up, some way more embarrassing than others.  Thank you Taunte Diane for that!  The joy I felt leading into the next morning was immeasurable.  I couldn't believe that our day had finally arrived and that you were going to be my husband.

image by David Beckstead

image by David Beckstead

image by David Beckstead

The morning of our wedding my mom woke me up with a sing song voice "You're getting married today!"  There was a hustle and bustle all around me that morning as we prepared for the day.  In the midst of it all I was calm as a cucumber!  I felt settled in my soul as I had never felt before.  I knew then that I was meant to be your wife.  It didn't matter when the rain started to fall.  It didn't matter when the fog rolled in, and the gentle rain turned into a downpour.  I was meant to be your wife.  It didn't matter when the months of work to ready our ceremony location were for naught because we had to move indoors.  It only mattered that it was our day, the day when we were to say our vows and pledge our hearts to one another with our dearest surrounding us.  When I saw you at the head of the aisle, with tears streaming down your face I was the happiest I had ever been.  When you reached for me and planted a kiss the room erupted with laughter.  As I held your trembling hands urging you to see my joy, my calm, my strength I vowed to always walk beside you.

Together we have built our family, our life, and our business.  It hasn't always been full of joy and calm but it has always been and will always be our adventure. We walk side-by-side, taking each challenge and each victory together.  

I love you always,






image by Amy Martell

image by Amy Martell

image by Amy Martell


image by Robert Godridge

image by Robert Godridge

image by Erin Kaye

image by Erin Kaye

image by Erin Kaye

image by Erin Kaye

If you want to read about how we met check out this post here.

Thank you to David Beckstead, Amy Martell, Robert Godridge and Erin Kaye for our wonderful photographs!


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Arizona Grand | Suzanne + Holly | Married | Julius Photography Suzanne and Holly are two amazing women who had their dream wedding at the Arizona Grand Resort this fall.  Surrounded by their supportive family and friends they made their lifelong commitments to each other during the most beautiful sunset ceremony we have ever had the honor to witness and photograph.  Their personal vows eloquently described their love for one another and their family.  There wasn't a dry eye around, including our own! As the evening unfolded we learned that their motto is "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" by Mahatma Ghandi and how that motto has shaped the way they live their lives and inspires those around them.  It was especially touching to watch them dance with their daughters to the song "In My Daughter's Eyes."


It was their day, a day to celebrate their love, commitment, and promise of the future.  These two do so much for those around them it was a very special event that was all for them.  From getting ready to the final dance they laughed with each other, cried with each other, and especially shared their love with each other.  Capturing the moments and getting to be a part of their day was truly amazing.  


 We are in awe of these brave women who stand up for themselves and others and we are proud to call them friends.

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Camp Verde, Arizona | Larry + Rebecca | Anniversary Happy 1st Anniversary to Larry and Rebecca!  We had such a great time capturing their down home, backyard wedding last year in Camp Verde, Arizona.  Their wedding was sweet and sincere, and showcased their love of God and each other.  They are now expecting their first child, a precious little girl.  Let's take a look back on the first day of the rest of their lives.

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Featured | Todd + Melissa | The Knot | Cherry Creek Lodge We’re so honored to see Todd + Melissa's gorgeous Ranch wedding at the Cherry Creek Lodge featured on The Knot ! We loved capturing every minute of Todd + Melissa's beautiful day. They are such a great couple, and Melissa did an amazing job pulling together her vision for an elegantly rustic hunting  themed day. We were swooning all day long, and it’s so exciting to see The Knot feature You can check out the full feature by clicking here!

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Downtown Phoenix | Engagement | Julius Photography Jon and Chelsea are getting married tomorrow at Van Dickson Ranch near Prescott. Before they tie the knot, let's take a look back at their engagement session in Downtown Phoenix.  We love the way that Jon can calm Chelsea when she has nervous energy.  These two are made for each other  like Peanut Butter and Jelly! 

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Chase Field and Downtown Chandler | Engagement | Julius Photography Suzanne and Holly shared their first date at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, so it was perfectly fitting to shoot some of their engagement session at Chase Field.  Their playfulness and love of fun really shines through.  After a change of clothes and location we were happy to meet their daughters and include them in a few photos to commemorate this important time in their family's lives.  We are really excited that they chose us to capture their wedding this October at The Arizona Grand.  Suzanne and Holly are actively involved in the fight to over turn the ban on gay marriage here in Arizona,  to read more please visit

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Desert Botanical Garden | Larry + Ariana | Engagement We had a colorful and  fun evening with Larry + Ariana at the Desert Botanical Garden during the Chihuly Exhibit.  These two are clearly in love!  We love when a couple can get close and just "breathe each other in".  It felt like everyone in Phoenix was enjoying the exhibit that day, it was so jam packed.  We wish them all the best as they get married this fall, we are just sad we won't be there to photograph it (the wedding is out of state and they already had a photographer).  It was a joy to spend some time with them at the garden.

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Cherry Creek Lodge | Todd + Melissa | Julius Photography | Wedding Blog The trek to Todd and Melissa's wedding in Young, Arizona was anything but ordinary!  As we were leaving Payson to make our way to the Cherry Creek Lodge in Young, Arizona we encountered some pretty interesting weather.  We drove through rain, sleet, snow and fog all on our 2 hour drive.  We had no idea what the weather was going to be like for their wedding until we arrived.  It turned out to be a gorgeous but blustery day.  Cherry Creek Lodge played a large part in Todd and Melissa's love story, it was fitting that they chose this special location for their wedding day. Their theme for the day "The Hunt is Over" was woven through their day with antler decor.  Todd's ring was even designed with a piece of ivory from Melissa's first, and very successful hunt in the same area as the lodge.


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