Tony and Jaime Julius Photography Phoenix Arizona Wedding: Blog en-us Julius Photography LLC 2015 All Rights Reserved (Tony and Jaime Julius Photography Phoenix Arizona Wedding) Tue, 12 Jul 2016 00:21:00 GMT Tue, 12 Jul 2016 00:21:00 GMT Tony and Jaime Julius Photography Phoenix Arizona Wedding: Blog 120 80 Woodsy Engagement | Chester + Dawn | Payson Summer in Arizona is the perfect time of year to photograph an engagement session in the cool pines!  We had a great time with Chester and Dawn exploring creekside just outside of Payson.  Chester and Dawn's love story is one for the books!  They grew up in the same small community in New Mexico but they connected years later.  They had both moved to the Phoenix area, Chester first and later Dawn.  Chester offered to show Dawn around when she moved to the city but they both got busy with their lives.  They ran into one another a while later while and shared a lunch date.  From that very first date they knew this was different.  A short time later Dawn decided to move back to New Mexico.  Chester would visit between traveling for work.  They soon discussed marriage and he bought her a ring, waiting for the right time to ask for her hand.  A few short hours later after having a meaningful conversation Chester proposed in front of Dawn's family's house.  Their wedding day is a few short weeks away and we can't wait to travel to their hometown in New Mexico for their big day!

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Married | Jeremy + Adrienne | Antelope Hills | Prescott, Arizona Jeremy and Adrienne were married on a gorgeous summer day in Prescott, Arizona at the Antelope Hills Golf Course.  Adrienne prepared for her day in her childhood home.  Her family are artists, creators and their home is filled with the art they've created through the years.  Her father made the jewelry that she would wear on her wedding day, including the wedding bands she and Jeremy would exchange. Her "Frankenstein" dress as she lovingly called it was made by piecing together her favorite parts of a few different dresses.  The lace top from one dress, the bodice from another, altering the long skirt into a short one with a cobalt blue petticoat, she crafted the dress of her dreams.  Some family photos were taken in the garden where they had traditionally been taken before all the special days in her life.  She and her father stood proudly in front of a the Father/Daughter sculpture that they had made together.  So many moments with so much meaning wove through her day.  When she walked down the aisle, it was Jeremy who asked the guests to stand and witness the breathtaking beauty of his bride.  His sister read a love poem his grandfather had written for his grandmother just moments before he and Adrienne exchanged their vows.  As Adrienne said her vows she pulled a memento from her pocket.  A ring made from leaf that Jeremy had given to her when they'd taken a walk after a big fight.  It had grown brittle over time and she gently placed it in Jeremy's hand as she made her vow.  It was a truly special day and we are overjoyed we were there to witness and document it all, freezing these special moments in time just for them.

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Married | Mike + Jennifer | Grayhawk and Isabella's Kitchen Mike and Jennifer were married at a very special place, the restaurant where they first met!  It was such a sweet and memorable day when they were joined by their family and friends to celebrate their marriage. The joy the experienced was palpable as they shared their First Look at Grayhawk.  Mike's expression said it all as he feasted his eyes on his bride for the first time!  He spun her around and embraced her as if he never wanted to let go, it was magical.  Jennifer was radiant in her gown embroidered with gold.  Their ceremony overlooked the Grayhawk Golf Club at Isabella's Kitchen.  Serenaded by a single vocalist, Jennifer was escorted to Mike by her son.  Their ceremony was filled with love and laughter!  They literally strolled away into the sunset.  They celebrated the night away on the patio as the lights twinkled above and were escorted to their waiting limo by the firelight of heart shaped sparklers.  We loved being their to capture every heartfelt moment!

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Engaged | Kreig and Michelle | Phoenix City Lights When we met Kreig and Michelle in downtown Phoenix for their engagement session it was a super windy day!  We went in search of bustling city views that were sheltered from the wind.  They plan to display their photos in their home so they chose a color palette of neutral gray, sand and a touch of blue to match their home decor and we looked for locations that would compliment their palette.  It's so fun to capture love amongst the city lights!  It's a blast waiting for the light to change, rushing to the middle of the crosswalk and posing in the middle of the street while passersby witness it all.

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Vinny Vino is One! If you've been following our blog you'll have seen this little guy a few times before!  Vinny Vino has turned one and we had a cute photoshoot to commemorate his milestone birthday.  We've been photographing this cutie with his blocks since he was in his mama's tummy.  After stealing the spotlight this handsome boy and his mama donned some of THE cutest shirts ever for a few mama's boy photos.  Who could resist a cake smash to celebrate a year of Vinny Vino? We sure couldn't!


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Engaged | Alfonso and Shannon | Urban Phoenix Engagement Alfonso and Shannon are getting married this fall!  We are super excited to photograph their morning wedding at The Farm at South Mountain.  For variety, they chose the complete opposite type of location for their engagement session.  We met them in an urban area of Downtown Phoenix to get to know them better and to celebrate this special time in their lives.  Check out how their personalities shined after they changed into their Broncos jerseys!

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Engaged | Seth + Christina | Gilbert Riparian Seth and Christina are tying the knot at one of our favorite wedding venues, Van Dickson Ranch in Skull Valley, AZ.  They also have the cutest little guy, their son Alek!  We enjoyed spending time with this sweet family walking around the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert.  They wanted to include their son because he is a big part of why this time in their life is so fulfilling.  Seth is one of the most hands on dads we've had the chance to witness.  He love for his little boy runs deep and true just like his love for Christina.  We are thrilled that we get the chance to watch this family grow and to photograph such a special time in their lives.

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Engaged | Katt + Rachel | Superstition Mountains They love to kid and joke!  It was totally their idea to have Rachel dragging Katt to the chapel during their engagement session.  They are "down home" and proud.  It is all these qualities and so much more that brought them together and made us instantly like them!  They have a love of Arizona, the desert and its mountains, their dog and each other.  Their session was a perfect blend of all those things and more.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to showcase their love.

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Married | D'Artagnan + Jamie | Backyard Wedding in Surprise, Arizona All you need is love!

D'Artagnan and Jamie were married in Surprise surrounded by their family, friends and their son as they promised themselves to one another.  It was simple and elegant.  A perfect day to share their vows.  You can see their elation in their smiles and glances.  We can't say how great it was to be a part of their day, but we love that we can show you!

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Engaged | Gary + Kris | San Marcos Hotel and Scottsdale Civic Center Gary and Kristina wanted their engagement session to include architecture, fountains and cool light.  They almost had us stumped!  We combined two locations, the San Marcos Hotel and the Scottsdale Civic Center to give them everything they wanted and more! What they left out of their request for their session was romance.   These two are true romantics at heart and that is the element that shines through in their photos the strongest!  You can see it in the way they look into each other's eyes, hold each other close, and let go when they are dancing. Their love for one another is sweet and strong!  We can't wait to see how bright their love shines on their wedding day this fall!

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Married | Michael + Phuong | Japanese Friendship Garden Their family and friends travelled from near and far to witness Michael and Phuong say I do at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix. It was a beautifully cloudy day filled with tears of joy and heartfelt vows.  Her vows told the story of finding in Michael, a man who loved every part of her just the way she is.  Finding a true love that she can completely be herself with. Instead of flowers, the couple opted for bouquets made of paper origami blooms in hues of purple and teal.  Just before the cake cutting, Phuong changed into a red dress for good luck.  When "their" song started playing, Phuong tearfully told the story of how it became their song even though it was not a song that you would normally associate with love.  On one of their first dates they saw the movie Pitch Perfect  Phuong listened to the song "Bulletproof" over and over and it made her think of Michael.  As they cut their wedding cake, the song crescendoed and Phuong rocked out with her true love by her side.

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Engaged | Dan + Emily | Salt River Dan and Emily's first date was at the Old Chicago restaurant and even though it has since closed, it was the perfect place to begin their engagement session!  Next, we adventured off the beaten path to an area near the Salt River called Coons Bluff.  The light down by the river was magical but it was so much more special to witness their love for one another.   It was a glorious day without a cloud in the sky and we really enjoyed spending time with them.  We finished off their session at another area near the Salt River with majestic cliffs and a beautiful gradient sunset!  We can't wait for their wedding next spring!  

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Engaged | Austin + Sarah | Gilbert Riparian Preserve It’s so much fun when we meet a couple and find out we have something in common.  Sarah and I share a love of owls.     Sarah loves owls so much that Austin proposed with her ring inside of an owl shaped box!  We are so happy that they included that special box in their engagement session.  We had a ton of fun wandering around the Gilbert Riparian Preserve in search of amazing light filled, special moments! These two can be silly and goofy and romantic and sweet! We can't wait for their wedding next year!

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Married | Jamie and Kim | Backyard Wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona A few weeks ago Jamie and Kim were married and we were there to capture it all!  We love their story!  They met and fell in love years ago but their relationship didn’t last.  They both went about their lives and eventually ended up on opposite sides of the country, both highly successful in their careers but wanting something more.  They reconnected online, then on the phone and finally planned a reunion trip in the Caribbean.  Everything fell into place, including the missing pieces of their hearts.  

It was a gorgeous day in March that they vowed to love each other forever in the backyard of the home they share. They celebrated with an intimate gathering of their family and friends and their furbaby as their ring bearer.  They had a black, white and gold easter egg hunt to keep the kids occupied and a wooden bunny as a guest book.  Then they invited their guests to a fantastic meal at The Captial Grille.  Golden chocolate bunnies as place cards accented their gold, black and white decor.  It was a fabulous wedding day and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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Jared and Amanda | Love and Laughter Engagement | Papago Park Jared and Amanda. . . we had so much fun with these two!  We laughed and giggled and witnessed their easy going nature.  We met Amanda a couple months ago, but this was our first time meeting Jared and we automatically understood why Amanda can’t wait to call him her husband!  They are real, they are sweet, and they go together perfectly!  Their love for one another is genuine and apparent.  

They wanted some mountain views for their session so we went to one of our favorite locations, Papago Park.  This location never disappoints!  The unique mountains, natural atmosphere and great sunsets abound.

We can’t wait to spend some more time with these two this fall on their wedding day!

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Drew and Emma | Love Blooms Engagement | Gilbert Riparian Preserve He took her back to where it all began.  At the highschool where they fell in love.  She couldn’t understand why there were at highschool, they were way past that now.  Until she saw the lighted sign with the four glowing words, “Will You Marry Me?     He dropped to one knee, and after she emphatically said yes, she was the happiest girl in the world.


When Drew and Emma met us for the engagement session, we thought we’d hit the engagement outfit lottery!  Her white backless maxi dress was gorgeous.  You could tell it made her feel like a princess the way she gently picked up the skirt, and swooshed it back and forth.  When we looked closer, we saw that it was actually that Drew makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.  She lights up when he smiles at her.  

We can’t wait until their wedding next summer.  We are sure that it will be the. best. day. ever!            

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d'Artagnan and Jamie | Urban Downtown Engagement | Phoenix, Arizona In just a few short weeks they will be saying “I Do” in front of their family and friends, but first we had to get them in front of our cameras to create some #urbanart.  D’Artagnan and Jamie met at boarding school in the Arizona desert.  They’ve been together over 8 years, their love is as steadfast as an old brick building.


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Jonathan and Lindsay | Casual Arizona Engagement | Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park We had so much fun spending time with Jonathan and Lindsay during their engagement session!  Together we explored the beautiful grounds at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park just west of Superior, Arizona. We laughed, chatted and witnessed the sweet moments they shared.  He looks at her like she is the most amazing person on this planet and you can tell the feeling is mutual!  They really savor their time together.  We loved that they decided to buy a “souvenir” cactus to commemorate their engagement session and the time we shared with them.  We had to sneak in a cool shot of her ring on their cactus to freeze this special moment forever. We are excited for their wedding later this year!    

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Daniel and Lauren | Romantic Country Wedding | The Windmill Winery Valentine’s Day is a day of love for all couples, but from here on out it will be an extra special day for Daniel and Lauren.  They will celebrate it as their wedding anniversary!  Their romantic country wedding was one for the books. Their wedding was filled to the brim with the importance of family. . . Lauren’s brother Joe walked her down the aisle and her sister Deanna stood by her side.  Under the bluest sky you ever did see, they made their vows.  Daniel’s uncle Douglas married them beneath the brick arches at The Windmill Winery in Florence.  The day definitely brought out their softer sides, but these two know how to have fun!  Silly faces are their specialty.  Daniel does a pretty good “Magic Mike” dance, as evidenced just before he removed Lauren’s garter.  What it all comes down to?  They are awesome.


Venue: The Windmill Winery

Hair & Makeup: Hello Hair

DJ: Starz Entertainment/ Brent Owens

Cake: Lisa Sisco

Catering: Chompie's

Florist: Mary Ellen Griswald

​Photo Booth: Snapbooth

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Scandi Woods Styled Shoot | Payson, Arizona Take a look at our styled winter snow shoot with a Scandinavian feel designed by Susan Jacobson of An Enchanted Occasion. This shoot features Pantone 2016 Colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity. Scandinavian design is a term to represent a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.


​Alyssa with Tenn Letters created a gorgeous hand lettered invitation suite and table place cards with a wash of watercolor. The tablescape included crisp white ceramic dishes, milk glass, rope and yarn details. The chairs were wrapped in pashminas. The Smorgasbord delightfully brought in the nordic delicacies. The knit gloves and fur stole kept our bride as warm as her groom's love.


The lovely desert table and coffee and cocoa bar was sure to keep the guests warm and toasty.

Thank you to our Partners:

Styling and Design:  Susan Jacobson with An Enchanted Occasion

Makeup: Amber Crain

Hair: Amber Crain

Models: Amber Crain and Brian Laandgraf

Paper Products: Alyssa Peelen with Tenn Letters



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